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Eesti Skoda Klubi - Fuel and starting issue
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Pealkiri: Fuel and starting issue (Vastuseid: 1 | Vaatamisi: 5218)

Registreerunud 23.10.16
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Auto: 2008 Skoda Octavia RS Blue

postitati 23.10.16 09:31 Tsiteeri
Fuel and starting issue


I'm new to the forum, and have a question regarding fuel.

I have a 2008 1Z3 Octavia RS 147 kw BWA engine (Petrol), that have been hard to start in the morning, especial when it is below 10'C. I have almost always filled the car at Krooning Tiskre, as this is on the way to work and cheap.

I found out after searching other Skoda forums that fuel could be the issue when you had to crank the engine for several seconds before it started properly, so I have now filled at Statoil the last times. And the issue seems to be solved (for now at least).

Anyone else had this issue with Krooning fuel, or any other fuel suppliers?

Have a great Sunday!

Regards Ole

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Registreerunud 30.06.16
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Auto: 1.8TSI ´11 Superb

postitati 23.10.16 11:30 Tsiteeri

Indeed there is a difference between different petrol stations. Ive only used Krooning once or twice, but immediately after the car exhaust fumes even started to smell, rather than being odourless. Therefore I switched to mostly Statoil and sometimes Alexela.

Also Ive noticed that Skoda turbo engines like fuel 98 also a bit more. That might be just a placebo effect, but my car seems to running more nicely after a few full-tank 98-s.

But if you already have a car thats steered towards power and sportier drive, then use quality fuel as well. Statoil, Alexela and Neste all seem way better than others (taken the fact that I havent tested it scientifically). Euro Oil and Krooning in my book are a no-no.


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